Simple Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Home

One of the reasons why so many homeowners in America are sympathize with making their homes green is because they have realize that with some worthy improvements they can considerably lower their energy and other household bills and live happy without forgoing too much of their comfort, besides being part of the global ecological chain for beneficial changes to the environment.

If you are about to move to your new home you can still take action to add or improve these green features and have your own eco-friendly home.

Meet here some simple ways to make your home more eco-friendly:

Install programmable thermostats

You’ll save energy. Perhaps you are already aware of this but for those who don’t you should know that costs of heating and cooling represent nearly 50% of total energy consumption in the house. When you switch to programmable thermostats you keep a better level of comfort indoors and save more money when you’re away from home, sleeping, or on vacation. Some even allow you to program different temperatures during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays.

 Home More Eco-Friendly - Nice Guy Movers

Use LED lights or compact fluorescent lamps

At first they can be an investment, but eventually you will spend less since they produce less heat and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. You can save 80% of your monthly electricity consumption.

Simple Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Home

Insulate your interior

Winter is just around corner! This will prevent both cold and heat escape and will make your home more efficient. You can use silicone to seal window glasses that might be loose and plugging cracks, or fix doors with sealing tapes.

Home Insulation - Nice Guy Movers Miami


It is very normal to buy paper towels to dust off any surface in your home, but this is not friendly to the planet, or your pocket. Imagine all the money you would be saving if you invest in rags, dusters and cloth wipers that you can wash and use again and again. Join the challenge Do It Yourself and buy cloth and flannel felts, cut them in square and decorate the edges with a contrasting thread.

Going Green

Grow plants indoor

Surely you’ve ever heard about the benefits of having plants at home, but perhaps you have made excuses as not having enough time for watering or space. These green friends purified the environment through the process of photosynthesis and can improve your indoor air quality considerably. Don’t hold back this beautiful action, you can always find a corner near the window or somewhere with sufficient lighting around your home.

Going green - Eco-friendly Home

Acquire eco-friendly cleaning products

As the phrase goes “Those little things make a big difference”; there is now a wide range of cleaning products which compounds are not harmful to the environment and of course, to one’s health. You can also replace some products for baking soda or vinegar which are natural ingredients that you can give them different cleaning uses without any problem.

 eco-friendly cleaning products

 These home improvements are just a few of the many that exist to turn your home into an ecological and sustainable space. I hope you may implement these fruitful changes that will help you save money and live in the most comfortable way.

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Moving In Hurry? This is How You Can Workaround It

Seven Things You Should Do When You’re Moving In A Hurry

As if moving out wasn’t already a complicated situation, moving in a hurry confirms almost everybody’s opinion about how nerve-wrecking can be to move everything from its place and suck your life on such a short notice.

Some of the times, renter’s brain have not even processed that they have to move when the landlord is already asking them to leave, and so they find themselves already picturing how is it going to be living up in the streets.

Moving in a hurry Miami FL

If this is your case, take a chill pill please, obviously this does not mean the end of your existence. Besides, unless you are in breach of your obligations you have a minimum of 28-days to move out. Good enough to organize your stuff, find a new place, and leave.

There may be tons of reasons why you have to move with so little time for preparation but nevertheless no matter what the reason is, you’re running out of the clock good buddy! And wasting time on Facebook posting about how you are going to make it through isn’t going to help you.

moving in a hurry

The only way to survive this kind of situation is to have a plan, and of course trained movers to support you with the relocation to your new home.

Here you got a list of considerations that should be followed by the book to make sure you don’t forget anything on the big day (and can laugh about it later).


Let’s say, you already have a place to move in but only got a week to move out. This means you won’t have the privilege to take your time and think through each aspect of your move. You are about to embark in a host of emotions.

Moving tips

1. Make a “Moving in a Hurry” Checklist

This is pretty clear; it means to create a list of the tasks enumerated by day that have to be done before you leave. This list should contain the moving company, an inventory of the stuff you are moving with you, packing supplies, what’s for donation or potential selling, and documentation you need regarding your move, plus directions of your new abode.

2. Hire a Moving Company to do The Move

If you are moving a full house worth of stuff, then probably a moving company is a good idea because it could take you a day of several commutes to move your stuff to your new place on your own and a day setting up the whole place, movers could save you a lot of time, effort and stress so you better make a reservation the very first day.

3. Get Yourself As Many Boxes as You Can

If you’re lucky to hire a moving company that offers you packing supplies you can say that this step is already solved. If not, get yourself as many boxes as you can because you will need them, believe me. Go to fruit and veggie shops or stop at the local liquor store and ask for some cardboard boxes, they always have a pile of them lying around. But before that, calculate how many bedrooms are in your interior, and how many people are moving with you, this way you save yourself going back and forth.

4. Pack Astutely

The first action of packing should be your “Survival Suitcase” with a week of clothing and supplies. As we know you’re practically in a rush, a useful option would be to ask your moving company to pack everything for you. If you can’t afford movers, start now with a packing plan.

The best you can do is to arrange one room at a time, label every box according to the area thereby when you are looking for kitchen pans you’ll know exactly in which box they are packed. Cover any good furniture with cardboard of blankets. If you hire movers, they will take care of this for you.

Clear your floor space and assign an area for your packed boxes to move and packed boxes for donation. For the stuff you’re throwing away get yourself really strong and big garbage bags so do not waste the boxes you would need if required.

5. Clean. Or as I Like to Call it “Fake Clean”

Once you finish packing there comes the cleaning part; your house can really look like a total mess after the whole organization of your belongings. If you are in a place for rent it is likely that the owner sends the cleaning staff to deep clean every area, so your part would only consist on picking up any plastic or bubbles wrap lying in the floor, sweeping the floors of the kitchen, living room and bathroom, and emptying your trashcans. It will be a swift process that might take you no more than 15 minutes.


If you are in need for help with moving, packing or a place to store any furniture and large items while you wait for your new place to be ready, Nice Guy Movers is a moving and relocation business located in Miami that can handle your local move with no problem. If you are on this type of hurried situation just give us a call and we can give a hand with the move and the accommodation of your furniture in your new place. Make your reservation (305) 600-1038

Thanks for reading!

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Affordable Things to Do in Miami after Moving

Is no news flash that you may feel somewhat disoriented after moving in to a new city, I mean, I’ve always believed that whenever this happens you have to learn to adapt to the city and not the other way around; but settling in a city like Miami is something you won’t regret, ever, even though there are some shallow comments about the local way of living, aspects such as Miami’s split personality, the huge mansions, and that is just a great place to have fun, you must know that Miami is a place where family and traditional values are important. We know what we have.

Things to Do in Miami after Moving

Miami really knows how to satisfy the needs of its residents, therefore the city offers affordable things to do every day without having to pay and arm and a leg for a dinner date or an outdoor activity, and what’s more authentic is that you will always have a story to tell.

Whether moving to Miami was a decision made by you or was a sudden situation, it is clear that you might want to lay away money since you recently pay out for the whole moving and relocation process. This is why we are pleased to show you some affordable things to do in Miami after moving to this incredible place.

1. Walk Around the Neighbor

Even if you are not much of a stroller, give yourself an opportunity to put a little activeness to your daily routine once in a while. This will help you become familiar with the neighborhood you have recently moved in and the streets around. Miami is known for its incredible art walks in the different neighborhoods every weekend, plan a visit to an art walk near your neighborhood, where you will be able to meet a place with an affordable alternative and a cultural way to have fun.

2. Picnic at the Best Beaches

Miami owns one of the best waterfronts in America. Give yourself a time out from eating at restaurants, pack a picnic and head the beach, you may walk/drive/or take the Metromover, and you don’t have to worry if you’re going on your own, seriously, Miami people don’t judge you as long as you are enjoyable to be around, so don’t hesitate to hit the beach with your basket and beer to enjoy a spectacular ocean view, take in a wonderful sun-soaked experience, watch spectacular people sun-soaking (apparently careless about the consequences of ‘too much sun tan’), and you’ll call it a day.

3. Lunch in Miami’s Most Awesome Food Trucks

This is a cool alternative instead of dining at different restaurants every once in a while, plus you will stay much closer to the local environment.  If you’re the type of person who enjoys food as much as I do, you will have to visit at least one of Miami’s food trucks which are located all around the city. One thing you must know is that they are constantly changing their location so you’ll have to follow up their schedule to find them.

Here you got the list: 8 Most Awesome Trucks in Miami

4. Free Yoga Classes

With so many things that went on during your moving process this is your chance to finally stretch your body and release the tension and worries out of your system. Join a free yoga class in South Beach and Little Haiti on Thursdays and Fridays and live a much more connected experience with your soul while enjoying the exceptional ocean view.

5. Outdoors Movie Night

If you are fed up of the whole Miami Beach vibe every Friday since you moved in, play a change in your weekend routine and hit the movies. Planning a movie night in Miami is very amusing, family-friendly and of course, you can enjoy it at a very affordable price. Instead of staying at home to watch Netflix, switch to an outdoor experience and catch a movie ‘al fresco’ while you have an amazing view of the illuminated buildings around you. It is A-ma-zing.

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8 Things Everyone Should Purge from their Closet before Moving Out (ASAP)

I know that declutting can be a long life battle, and even more when it comes to declutting your closet; it seems like new clothes go in and not so much clothing actually goes out. We simply don´t take the time to organize the hunk of things we own as a closet, I mean, ¨are we going to have to do this six months later? ¨ Probably. But as they say ¨ you can be more with less ¨ right? When you give yourself the chance to purge once in a while you will realize that you are also shaking off a stage in order to begin another.

And when it comes to getting your whole chattels moved to another place for the reason that you are soon to move out, believe me, you´ll gonna thank yourself for being strong enough to purge things from your closet, stuff you will no longer use but you still are not courageous to kiss goodbye.

Purge from Your Closet before Moving Out

Chances are you will be filled with emotions, flashes from the past, and some other regrets once you start but you will see the moment you start packing your belongings, that they would have taken a lot of space needful for things that carry more weight. Don´t give it too much thought, if you do you will never be able to give up to hoarding. Hey packing should be fun!

I am happy to show you above a list of 8 things (in general) every person should purge from their closet when moving out; things standing between your will and a clean closet. If you have nothing related to the list, then congratulations, you have nothing to worry about, go on, and start packing your closet with no sweat.

1. Jeans that have deep-rooted stains.

2. Shirts that have developed holes.

3. The turtleneck that will only look good skiing.

4. Socks that have turned worse for wear.

5. Full of holes, washed-out underwear with the stretchy waist elastic    ragged.

6. Yoga pants mostly used for ¨ Grocery Day ¨.

7. The Chalk-Stripping Fedora… Please.

8. Shoes that look like this:

shutterstock_326311802 (1)like thisshutterstock_322258949 (1)

or like this
Purge from Your Closet before Moving Out

Before you begin to pack your personal property you should sort out before you start throwing all away, decide what clothes are going to charity, a shelter or to the garbage. To not make it more difficult, ask questions such as “Do I love it?” Am I really going to use this in the following days?” if it’s a “Yes” then you should keep it.

Thanks for reading! We really hope that Nice Guy Movers Miami have helped you organizing the clutter before you start your moving process. 

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Seven Reasons Why You Are Still a Rookie at Packing for a Move

Chances are you have found yourself struggling with anything that has to do with packing stuff and moving it to a different place; whether it involves you going on a trip or moving to a new home. Yes, it is fair enough to feel somehow clouded with what should be done primarily, what should you pack and how (because let’s face it, most of the time you end up using half the stuff you packed), been there. This time we are going to talk about packing for a move, which turns even more stressful because this means you are not packing for a week. But let’s look on the bright side of the situation, maybe you have come to the point where you actually want to make ‘packing for a move’ work this time….and the time after that.

You have come to the right place; Nice Guy Movers Miami will help you clear up your packing for a move issue and turn you into an expertise in your moving process, because we understand more than anybody that changing locations can be a big adjustment and even with careful planning you can still run into some ups and downs.

Next, we will be brutally honest with you and show you the reasons why you probably still are a rookie at packing for a move, after reading this blog post you will be able to move without too much chaos.

1. You have no idea WHEN to pack

The more time you have in your hands to Packing for a Move move out, the more helpful it is for you to focus on your packing schedule so you can have everything ready to go. Don’t wait until the last two weeks to start moving things around and planning your packing process because you will be in a rush, perhaps leading to broken, damaged or overlooked items. This might sound a little silly but create a detailed moving calendar and start packing a little each night; if you have about a month to leave, a four week schedule will work just right! Believe me, you will have wished to have more time.

2. You are not making an inventory list

Have you sit down and make a list of every item you are going to take with you? Do it! Checklists makes your life simpler during your packing process, this way you have a record of the stuff you are taking with you and the items you are leaving to the moving company, plus you won’t run out of time putting yourself to think what else is left to be moved. You can work with a spreadsheet broken down into tasks to ease stress. Technology makes moving easier too, you can look for an app that can simplify your home inventory and prevent last minute panic.

3. You are not providing enough protection

I’m guessing the last you want is to find out Packing for a Movethere has been an unfortunately situation of broken glass, broken dishes, chairs chipped or liquid products spilled all over your treasured books. Jinx strikes! This happens every so often because people are careless about the way they should pack their belongings; remember packing is quite a meticulous process so it is vital to provide proper protection to your items if you want them to arrive safely into your new place, for that there are methods/techniques and packing products that allows a full protection of your items.

 4. You are packing everything that comes in your way…The whole enchilada

Why insist on wanting to take everything? Packing for a Move You load up your car with stuff you are not even going to use anymore! Pack wisely and things will eventually fall into place. Remember that moving to a new location does not mean taking with you the relic of couch you had cornered since 2001 (I think I’m projecting myself), if you kept it at home perhaps was because you did not give time to get rid of it … but now it’s the time.

5. You are not labeling your boxes….Label your stuff rookie!

One of the reasons why certain people don’t know where the heck they left part of their belongings once they move to a new place it’s because they combine items from different rooms into one box. Label your boxes with distinct color tapes, believe me, it makes such a HUGE difference if you do it this way. You can try making categories (Oh I love categories!) to recognize which items go into which room, and make a record of fragile things and things that could be stored.  An extra tip: When loading your boxes into the truck make sure the ‘bedroom’ and ‘bathroom’ boxes stay at the front so you may have what you need to head to bed.

6. Packing non-allowed items

We don’t mean to say that this reason makes you an ignorant, because it can happen to anybody who’s next big move happens to be their first local move; whether you decided to move without the help of local move specialists or have hire a moving company, you must pay attention to fumbles like this one in particular that cannot be transported on a moving truck (you’ll save time). There are prohibit items basically flammable products, chemicals, paints, and other materials that you usually use around home but when it comes to putting them in such variable temperatures it may cause them to leak or expel toxic gas… or start a fire without warning. So please don’t transport these items:

Non Allowable Materials 

7. You are not packing a first night carrier bag       

Start off with the right supplies that will help you get through the day prior to your move, while the rest of your stuff arrives. Pack stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, body wash, toilet paper, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner and anything else you may need to keep clean. Sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, shower curtain (a cheap one). If you have kids carry their favorite stuffed animal, blanket or pillow. Also it may be of great help to buy paper towels, paper plates, plastic ware and cups, because chances are you are not prepared to cook the night you just moved in. Of course don’t miss packing a first-aid kit because you may not warned accidents but you can be prepared.

Bottom Line

Hiring professionals comes with many benefits, from helping you with advance counseling on how, what and when is best to pack and move, to help you save some money. Nice Guy Movers Miami are specialists who can help you get the heaviest furniture to the tinniest but with a sentimental value from point A to point B without a problem, because they enjoy what they do and they do it with a smile on their face every day. About to move? Contact Nice Guy Movers Miami 

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The Right Communication with Your Moving Company in Miami (will Actually Make Your Life Better!)

As if planning a move was not already a difficult task, right? I assume you would not wamoving company in Miamint to have to deal with problems with the moving company you chose to take over the process of relocation because there was never a correct communication since the very beginning. Remember that this type of service involves the approach from a team of movers with your personal belongings so it is necessary that you pay attention to all the details of the service to be provided by the moving company and if they are able to offer a budget according to your needs.

These selection tips will help you have a right communication with your moving company in Miami!

1. First impressions may disappoint or be significant.

What I mean with this is to pay attention to the first direct approach with its people, if youMoving company in Miami have put an eye on a moving company in Miami just because they seem friendly and qualified on their advertisement or website you are not guaranteed they will be once you meet them. Sometimes the way you think about a company isn’t the way its people actually are, you could (will, may, might) be surprised by movers who shout out they are the best but are not willing to give you the best. As soon as you contact the company looking to help you out, you should receive a prompt respond from them, whether it is by telephone or email they have to put interest on every client.

2. Grant you a free quote.

Make sure the representative of the moving company in Miami you pick is willing to provide you a free quote and further a consultation pointing out the important aspects of their services, discuss about stuff you want moved, and the availability of multiple services they have. Make them know other factors that may be concerning you about the arrangement of your fragile belongings.

3. Location (Area & Ergonomics).

Within the moving process there are two types of location the moving company should recognize:moving company in Miami

City, state or area – Where are you currently living and where are you soon to move in.

Comfort design – Basic knowledge of the standard home ergonomics to take over measures that are within the housing because it is directly related to the movements that are going to make.

4. Packing Skills.

Before hiring a moving company in Miami, ask if the movers are able to assure you packing solutions. Perhaps some of your possessions need to be wrapped, or you own furniture that must be disarmed to get it out of the house. There is not much difference in general between one company and another when delivering their services, but it’s important to ask the company’s representative about the techniques they apply, if they are not willing to speak about the structure of the process, then there is a chance they are hiding a part of the process in which they have few skills.

 Before taking a step further to book with them you must pay close attention to the payment options, if you don’t want to be scammed by movers who are just interested in taking your money and not giving a darn about their clients. Discuss with them the options they accept, they must let you know about terms and conditions, and every aspect has to be submitted in script.

End of the line

You must look for good, oriented, professional movers who are going to have great communication with their clients. Now that you are aware of the basic aspects that you should communicate with the moving company in Miami there is nothing that can’t fool you!

To read about other moving tips, our moving services and other facilities you can browse the Nice Guy Movers Miami Blog and be up to date with the latest in moving!

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Reach out to the best Movers in Miami

How Much Do You Know About Moving? The Best Movers in Miami Reveal the Truth

There is not much to discuss if someone is completely convinced that handling their moving process by themselves turns out to be cheaper. However, objectively, it should be taken into contemplation that there are certain circumstances in which it is necessary that you hire a moving company. Yes, doing something for the first time is never an easy task, which is why confusion and lack of experience in this activity can lead you to take hasty decisions. If you’ve done this before, please get out of your head that your next move will be exactly the same, especially considering that the last time you moved 10 miles away and this time you’re moving way far. It is clear as water that both options (Moving on your own vs. hiring a moving company) could get the job done at the end, but there are main factors which makes you realize why leaving the job in the hands of the best movers will turn your day from good to exceptional.

One of the main factors that should be considered before making a final decision to do this on your own is the distance that it takes to carry your belongings safely. Moving your things from your current humble abode to a new house is a much harder job than it first appears, especially when you’re considering moving over 100 miles away from Miami. Even if you feel comfortable driving a truck, there are important aspects that may come across from moving on your own.

Properly Packing – Even though you are sure to have enough space in your car, or truck, you will still need skills to pack your things properly and unload it at the new place. The best movers in Miami know this aspect like the palm of their hands and will organize your stuff with no sweat, chances are you don’t want to learn the lesson the hard way, so unless you have awareness of a correct packing process, you should hire moving experts to help you out.

High Gas Costs – This is common sense. When comparing the costs of driving your belongings vs. hiring a moving company, you should consider the extra expenses that will come out of your pocket because you’re on your own. Who knows, you better make an estimate of hidden expenses that can be found before this event turns much worse than expected.

Unknown Territory – You are about to live in a new place, a place where you are not even familiar with the space yet (not even close), to you and to your new stuff this is unknown territory. What if you come across with the big news that you have to move your furniture upstairs? What a challenge!

Another pitfall that you might come across as an inexperience mover is having no knowledge about the path that will take you to your new home; this can affect your moving process too. Let’s say you are acquainted with the road to your new place, however consider that you might be translating your prized possessions across busy highways and narrow roads where you are not quite certain if during the journey your stuff can suffer any damage.

Our intention is not to bring up the negative about moving out on your own, we are mentioning you common pitfalls that an inexperienced mover might incur that could lead to spend beyond one’s means.

There you have it! This was brought to you by Nice Guy Movers Miami


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How to Protect Your Valuables When You’re Moving

By Issa Lopez

The best thing a person would like to achieve when moving out is having everything under control at the drop of a hat, without having to get into complicated situations. The leaving and arrival into a new place is influenced by several factors that represent packing and transportation of furniture and valuable objects, as well as the cost – ah, and let’s not forget the horrible stress trying to get everything organized without mishap. Besides, those who have been in this situation more than once correct me if I’m wrong – it happens very often that a month after having moved to your new place you realized that you have no idea what happened with quite a few bags of clothes you had kept in your old closet since they took space for the “tidy sum” of boxes, maybe because you had your head busy in other distractions that you simply thought it was all set in your car/moving truck. Or run into the disturbing news that your one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork have been shattered due to mishandling.

“Why is this happening to me?!”

I’ll tell you why – Because you are not ensuring the protection of your valuables correctly. But hey, who has been over that situation please let that memory into oblivion, and the one who’s still a moving apprentice, you are in time to protect your valuables, it all depends on well thought out moving strategies that will help ensure the safe arrival of your belongings and keep you out of upsetting scenarios.

Using quality moving boxes

One of the main reasons why your prized items can break or suffer some damage along the way to your new place it’s because the boxes are not the adequate to carry and protect your belongings. I highly recommend you that if you still have the original boxes of your valuable items and they still look resistant, use them with no hesitation. If not, DON’T use boxes you had stored for a long time in your basement or garage. I suggest you to look for quality moving boxes which you can get in a liquor store, grocery store, or ask your moving company if they provide packing supplies (this option will work best for you because they might give you additional guidance on how to pack your items).

Having an inventory of certain items

 Take this opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or no longer serve in your life; as an old quote says: new home, new life. That is why you should only hang on to certain things that you know you will still take great advantage of in your new place, but be sure to make a rational inventory and stop seeing your 1991 VCR as an indispensable item. Don’t panic, this is not means of leaving with two small boxes, a mattress and a couch you had in your living room, it is about debug items you already have much unused and just take up space.

Packing Smart

 First, start your packing by taking care of one room at a time, labeling each box with a specific description of its contents and the room to which it is addressed. Make sure to fill the boxes with the heavier things and place the smaller ones to the edge of the box so you may not come across with things falling out of the boxes. Do not forget to build a “basic box” with cleaning items such as broom, sponge, cleaning, soap, towels, toilet paper, as well as handyman tools; glasses, plates and cutlery to carry in your car.

 Relying on champ movers

 Unfortunately there are still people out there who are misguided when looking for a moving company that can take care of their moving process as it should be. Instead, they end up being scammed by movers who call themselves professionals in this industry and the only thing they look after is to make these people go through frustrating situations where their prized belongings have been damaged or even disappeared….without need. Before hunting for moving companies please make sure that their moving process, and even more important, their loading and unloading equipment has the necessary standards to make a move. If you move with a full-service moving company, the company must provide full coverage of your belongings.

 Renting a storage unit

Moving implies the beginning of a new project, which includes a change of environment, and of course, a change of space. It is likely that when the time to move out has come you run into the serious incident where you are having trouble making space in your new place….or just because sometimes you just need more space. Which is why renting a storage unit is a great solution when you need extra storage for items you don’t have a place for in your home. Take a look at our Miami Storage Units  

This was brought to you by Nice Guy Movers, a Relocating and Storage Company dedicated to make your move a stress-free process!

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Bye Big House…Hello Small Apartment

Mind-Switcher: Dealing with a Small Space Living

First things first – If you are downsizing by necessity and somehow you feel overwhelmed by the situation, let it go; think no more of what you will be leaving behind.  We know that you’ll obviously want to hold onto things that you’ve had for years, but it’s inevitable that you won’t have room for all that stuff anymore…still you will be just fine!

The most common situations when a person decides on a small space living are when they’re seeking a divorce, changing job, decluttering their lives, reducing maintenance costs, or simply by out of conviction, and unfortunately whenever you move out of what once was our comfort zone, especially when you change from bigger corners to a smaller space, so many things may come along that can cause stress and chaos, since you will be dealing with a new set of realities that will take time for you to process, and to actually see what’s there to organize. I find it clear that small space living it’s not for everybody, however if moving to a small apartment is your only option then you should know how to deal with it…. (And not die trying) Let’s say that it’s way better to focus on the upside of living in a rather petite home than to continue holding on to a bigger house for any reason that you think it’s keeping you in a steady situation.


In fact, you should know that is comforting and surprising to realize that a simpler life awaits you. You see, when owning a big house with the general facilities you probably felt like in need to fill every corner of the house, to the point that you suddenly saw the necessity to buy obsolete items just to accommodate them at any cost (unnecessary purchases –check). Or what about cleaning? If you never wanted to commit to the whole thing, then I’m guessing it was an absolute daily stress for you; remember when I mention at the beginning of this post not to think about the things you will be giving up? Well, actually think about the things that you no longer will have to give in… ahhh much better?

Benefits to Small Space Living:

  • You do not have to clean much. This is the best! As I was saying, and I would not mind recalling again, how enslaving it might have been to upkeep every living space in your big house? I mean, the more environments you have, the more you have to clean. Imagine, small apartment equals to fewer windows, less toilets, less surfaces, less garden to tend etc. And all this obviously means more time to do other things.
  • You spend less in taxes and services. This might not be brand new information for some of you; however it is worth to say since you’re debugging cons. A house with lots of square footage will bring within higher taxes than a small one. Besides, whether you rent or buy a small apartment, your electricity, gas and maintenance bills tend to be lower.
  • Maintenance is less expensive. This is logical, living in a few square meters space saves you reasonable amount of money. Benefits either in both situations: If you had decided to rent a small apartment, both exterior and interior maintenance is provided for tenants in an apartment complex. If you want to buy a small apartment then know that it will never be the same to upkeep a house with 5 rooms than a small apartment with 2 rooms and 1 bathroom.
  • Is easier to decorate. Having no place for so many things, you learn to live with what’s really worthy and forget about your accumulative impulse. Decorate and furnish a small apartment is way easier, because you do not need many things to make it beautiful and functional; a single statement item can make your room look chic and authentic.
  • Encourages family bonding. Yes, yes it does! What a nice opportunity than to build relationships in the comfort of your own living space, which sometimes is lost by the fact that in a big house there are many places where to escape from a good conversation. Having fewer areas encourages the inhabitants to share with each other and spend more time together.

This was brought to you by Nice Guy Movers Miami a Relocation and Storage Company dedicated to provide the best moving facilities to our customers, and that would be happy to help you with your moving process! If you’re interested in knowing all about our Moving Services click here….we are excited to meet your story!


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How to Maintain a Clean Home after Moving In

It happens way too very often that after a move in to a new home it all seems to turn a little challenging to keep it all together and maintain a clean home, because we haven’t adapt to the spaces yet and perhaps we have already done a mental picture of how it would all be set, still it turns overwhelming not to know where to start in order to keep our house clean and always immaculate. Believe us when we say that achieving a clean home every day does not mean to enslave yourself day in and day out, it’s all based on a well-done organization and good habits, and if you live with two or more persons “team organization” will make things easier for everyone.

First of all, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

  • Organization is key, but it takes time and wiliness.
  • Your routine will eventually have to turn into a list of habits.
  • There will always be that scrambler that will jumble things around. That’s like a ball that life throws to us. Keep it cool.

But like everything in life, there is always a simplifier; a way to make things work efficiently converting everyone’s lives less complicated, and you will have a nice place to call home, free from stress and without feeling that you’re wasting your time. We have six simple things you can do right now to get started. Take a look:

1. Start the day making up your bed

Usually this task is left overlooked in the morning because some of us would rather make us a cup of coffee to “start the day with enthusiasm” but as hard as it is to admit, our bed takes a lot of space which makes our room look much disorganized if it is unmade. Do us a favor! Once you wake up pull the comforter to the pillows (at least) you will see your space will look so much cleaner.

2. Review your bathroom every morning

Go to your bathroom every morning and if you see your bathrobe scrunched in a corner, pick it up and hang it on the door, place your towels inside a shovel and reuse one towel every two days so you won’t accumulate a bunch of towels in your bathroom basket. And have dispensable cleaning sheets, so you can quickly wipe the shower, toilet counter and sink. It’s the little things every day that make a difference.

3. Leave your shoes at the door

This will make your bedroom space look always neat since you will avoid the situation where you come across with shoes and sneakers on every corner of your house, under the bed and furniture. So annoying having to pick it up every day, right?

4. Take out the trash every night

Make this a night routine, we can assure that once you start applying this habit in your daily life you will see a big change in the aspect of your home, and besides when you wake up and see your house clean and tidy, you will begin the day with a clear mind and good humor. You’ll see.

5. Purge expired products from your fridge

How awful it is to encounter with food that has been in our refrigerator for days and begins to release unpleasant odors! This is something that happens quite often since some of us don’t have our mind set on that kind of habits until it starts to smell bad. Check expiration dates at the moment you purchase them and a week after, toss the bad before it becomes a nasty surprise when you open your fridge. We recommend you not to double everything from your grocery list, and buy small containers that you know you will use once.

6. Never go to bed with dirty dishes

Every night, without fail, clean the kitchen. There is nothing more rewarding than waking up to a neat and bright kitchen. After dinner wash the dishes that you just used, and wipe down the surfaces such as the counter, the sink, stove top, it takes only a few seconds to wipe down the area.

There you have it! Hope these tips may turn into your daily habits and can give you peace of mind knowing that you manage to maintain a clean home on a daily basis without doing too much. Nice Guy Movers is a moving company based in Miami, FL that can guarantee a stress-free move and is also pleased to help you keep up with your new way of living after moving.


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